Tallinn Creative Hub


Tallinn Creative Hub / Kultuurikatel / is a creative combination of a physical facility and a platform for networks and knowledge. The physical point of Kultuurikatel is near the seaside which is a strategic location between the port of Tallinn and medieval old town. The 10 000square meter large space is a former power and heating plant. Now, this will serve as a working place for different studios, black boxes, galleries, rooms with future development capabilities and public attractions like restaurants, shops and tourist centers. In addition, it can be used for smaller workshops, seminars or large performing art shows and day-to-day festivals.


Kultuurikatel as a platform has a mission to stimulate partnerships, knowledge transfer, good contacts and a broad European network for creating synergy between various cultural trends and organizations as well as creative industries and businesses. It is a grid of communication and concept building with a practical value in interdisciplinary cluster projects, research on creative industry and new economy models. Adding up programs of informal education, event promotion, consulting seminars and innovation oriented workshops. The development of the physical space of Kultuurikatel is a parallel progressive plan of action.