The year of the Capital of Culture is a great occasion for all Estonia. The preparation and formulation of the cultural program of the event is assisted by the Foundation Tallinn 2011. Our aim is to encourage people to participate in the creation of the Capital of Culture and to help convert ideas into events. We unite the will with the power.

The Capital of Culture Foundation is a new independent organisation with the functions of planning the program of the Capital of Culture, and collecting, selecting and assessing ideas and proposals in order to ensure an exciting, extraordinary and sophisticated cultural year in Tallinn in 2011.

The Foundation was established in April 2007 by the city of Tallinn. Mikko Fritze was chosen as the director of the Foundation, and he assumed his position at the beginning of 2008. Thereafter, the program team of the Foundation was composed by way of competition, and the communication and marketing department was created. Assistants and financial directors began their work. The Tallinn 2011 Foundation has been operating fully since spring 2008.